At MyDrink Beverages we develop a series of beverage flavor techniques, colors, herbal extracts, flavorings, sweeteners, and emulsions. Our experience in beverage techniques means we are able to produce a drink formula to accommodate even the most demanding of clients.

The often changing trends in beverages can be a challenge to keep on top off. To adapt to this situation you must partner with a company able to develop drinks to the latest trends and market conditions. At MyDrink Beverages you will be offered a modern production processes able to create all-types of beverages.


A beverage emulsions is a complex system which relies on several different factors to determining the flavor, taste, cloudiness and taste of drink. As this technique uses a heterogenous blend of oil and water, there is a likelihood of certain scientific problems, which can related to coalescence, stratification, creaming or flocculation – either of these can shape the finished drink in regards to its quality. Our high-quality techniques however are able to solve these problems by using a specific long-term stability method which produces a variety of beverage emulsions, categorized by resistant colors, extreme colors, high cloudiness, and desired taste.

Main Benefits:

  • Higher stability in relation to temperature, pH, and time
  • A more natural and pleasant flavor and taste
  • Better cloudiness for improved naturalness
  • Features light pastel shades
  • Can feature such vitamins as A and E which aren’t often featured in beverages

Natural formula emulsions

Our company is able to detect the latest trends and provide distinct product designs and concepts to match, and this is the central reason for developing a series of natural formula emulsions containing only the most organic ingredients. Our ‘Natural Formula’ process is designed to eliminate the artificial weight-agents featured within the emulsion process, with our more natural derived extracts. Working in this way, we are able to solve some of the complicated scientific problems found in the development of emulsions. Our custom technique offers a product that is highly stable, and doesn’t feature artificial ingredients, such as ester gun, SAIB, brominated oils, etc. The end result is a beverage with a perfect taste, great opacity, good stability, and a substantial body. Also, these ready-made drinks are more natural and clearer in taste, when compared to some of the beverage created with a more standard technique.

Main Benefits:

  • Void of non-natural weight agents
  • No artificial flavors
  • No artificial colors
  • Better stability
  • Exceptional taste components
  • 100% natural product
  • Emulsions are produced in accordance with the Kosher and Halal principles (the dissolution of citrus oils doesn’t rely on alcohol)

Beverage Elements

Main priorities of Panteley Toshev Limited are able to ensure the manufacturing process is more reliable, convenient, predictable, and easier. To assist in the production stage our team have developed well-crafted beverage elements. This quite new design idea is based on a scientific semi-finished product for large-scale processing of drinks, which often contain such ingredients as flavors, herbal extracts, vegetable juice, stabilizers, vitamins, sweeteners, coloring agents, acids, etc. The finished piece can be concluded with a couple of basic elements such as citric acid and sugar.

Main Benefits of beverage elements:

  • Simplifies the manufacturing process
  • Helps produce unique tasting properties
  • Regulates the finished product in regards to taste brix, acidity, color, and flavor
  • Ensures a high-quality product in each manufacturing batch
  • Limits the chance of mistakes in the production process

Herbal extracts

Our processing techniques are able to optimize the familiar process of water-alcoholic and water extraction, thus eliminating the common problems known with this group. The extraction process developed, which is tailored to the particular requirements of beverage production, is able to maintain the active components featured in plants, with no adverse affects to the taste or flavor properties of the ready-made drinks. Also, using a cold stabilization process, it is possible ensure no sedimentation, a unique clear appearance, and endures stability in time, which isn’t to be found in standard herbal extracts. Our extensive portfolio features single and mixed herb extracts to help with providing a healthy plan.


We produce a varied selection of flavors at MyDrink Beverages, which can recreate some of the most refreshing tastes found in nature. Our success is based on a great emphasis on development and research, a continuous desire for improvement, and an intention to use the latest and most modern technology. All this combined makes it possible adapt a flavors concentration, carrier and profile to match a requested taste and need.


MyDrink Beverages is able to offer a high-quality selection of synthetic and natural coloring agents. Our exceptional knowledge makes it possible to create specific blends that can be adapted to complement a particular end product. Custom-made solutions are manufactured in accordance with the required local regulations.


The wide-spread demand for dietary sustenance’s makes the extra sweeteners highly desired by consumers. Our team produce ‘Polysweet’, which is a series of combined sweeteners designed to progress the quality found in the end product, which leaves the product with a natural and pleasant sweet taste with no additional calories. Using a custom production process we are able to combine our sweetening system with the particle size to provide a homogeneous blend, which can limit the chances of manufacturing errors, thus guaranteeing reliable quality. Customers at MyDrink Beverages are also able to get tailor-made sweetening mixes, created for a particular market demand or taste preference. Our aspiration is to produce a high-quality product in relation to concentration, composition, and taste.